The End Period


The End Period started in the summer of 2014 as an original music collaboration between Greg Caprioli and Henry Weber. Fueled with smooth harmonies and genre blending rock guitars, the songs were taken and recorded at Westfall Recording Company in January of 2015. Owner and Producer at Westfall , Anthony Lopardo soon joined the band playing Drums. Around the same time, long time friend and returning marine, Anthony Barcelona joined up to play bass for the band until he moved away shortly after. Anthony Lopardo returned to his duties at Westfall while Greg and Hank took some time to re vamp the lineup. Anthony Soriano, then became the full time drummer bringing his groovy hip hop beats and heavy breakdowns into the mix. Dominick Pititto, friend and former bandmate of Greg, soon joined up as the permanent bassist for the band. Dom adds the heavy yet smooth walking bass lines that beefed up the band’s live show. Currently, The End Period is working on their next EP , writing more music and kicking off a slew of shows with their east side counterparts. The End Period is not responsible for any stolen property or hurt feelings . We are not the fathers of your child regardless of that DNA test. Tell Maury to stop calling. Who wants to order a pizza?



Ghost Town
  1. Ghost Town
  2. Give Me Hell
  3. Sunshine
  4. Last Goodbye
  5. Follow

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